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Memories of Addlestone, Princess Mary Homes 1904

I was a plate layer on the railway lines from Chertsey through Addlestone to Waybridge in the late 60s . Roy Spearman .

Added 30 January 2016
My family lived in Collingbourne, High St, Addlestone and my youngest sister, Janet was b orn there, in 1943. Michael, Jean & Charles (sadly all deceased) myself, Kathleen, Ann & Janet lived there until 1952. Does anyone remember us or have any history of the house?

I can remember as a teenager in the late 1970s early 1980s walking home in the dark down Crouch Oak Road and being terrified of walking past the gates to the home and the Church that was just inside the gates. Even during the day you never ever saw anybody going in or coming out of the home or walking about, it was almost like it was deserted. I think thats where I learnt to run in platform boots and stiletto heels, to get past those gates as fast as possible lol.

There you are thinking of Jill dance I MEAN .

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