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The Norman church of St John the Baptist stands in the north of Leeds. It was built around 1150 on the site of a Saxon church, and the south porch was added a decade later. Ancient animal symbols festoon the porch - they represent the four evangelists. The inner arch contains 40 beak heads, possibly suggesting the 40 days and nights of Christ's wilderness fast. The ornate tomb on the left is inscribed 'Until the day break and the shadows flee away'; it is a monument to the Hirst family, and was first used in 1884.

Other Memories from Adel

Just look at this truly MAGNIFICENT arch over the church doorway. My own interest in this parish is because my family name is Norfolk and so many of my family were farmers, millers and general agicultural workers around Adel, Harewood and Dunkeswick going back to the early 1600s - and probably beyond.

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