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Albrighton is a very pretty name for a village. Actually there are two Albrightons in Shropshire - the meanings for which originally differed. One was Aethelbeorht's farmstead (this village), and the other was Eadbeorht's farmstead. Over the centuries the names evolved to become the same.

Other Memories from Albrighton

I lived in Codsall Wood between 1944 and 1952. I attended Albrighton Infants School between 1950 and 1952, I still have my school cap, the only names I can remember was the dinner lady a Mrs Orange and 2 other pupils Darryl Massey and George Carrington, I remember we used to go on nature walks and play soccer across the road, I seem to recall there was a factory with a soccer field attached and occupied by cows ...see more

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