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Caption for Alcester, Oversley Green c1965: Oversley Green is just a short walk from Alcester, beside the River Arrow, near its confluence with the River Alne. This is the Arrow, and the old stone bridge over the river is just visible. When the Alcester-Stratford road was turnpiked in 1753 a toll house was built on the Oversley side of the bridge, but it was later transferred to Hoo Mill Corner.

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I wonder if any older people remember my gt uncle, Fred Gazey. He used to live at Keeper's Cottage at the top of Primrose Hill. He was killed in the late 1960's when an unknown well in the house collapsed and he drowned. I spent many happy hours up at the small holding in 1950's and 60's and adored my uncle. His wife, Ethel, (...Read full memory)

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