A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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Yorkshire Coastal Memories

Yorkshire Coastal Memories

The photo 'Aldbrough, the Cliffs and Beach c1955' appears in this book.

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It is believed that there was once a Saxon settlement nearby that now lies beneath the sea. It was probably destroyed during the 12th or 13th century, when the coastal weather was particularly bad. Here a lady can be seen trying to coax a child down the steps to the beach.

An extract from Yorkshire Coastal Memories.

Memories of Aldbrough, the Cliffs and Beach c1955

My family had a caravan in the field behind Johnsons Farm, opposite the corrugated iron clad cafe in the picture. At one end of the cafe were amusement machines such as; Jennings indian head, one armed bandits and other mechanical amusements. Our caravan, originally a tourer but then a static, was made by a small company called Quorn. I have photographs of it. My father, says that he remembers when, as a ...see more

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