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Caption for Aldeburgh, Childrens Boating Pool c1955: Model sailing boats ply back and forth across the pool. In the background is the Moot Hall of c1540; in front is the war memorial, now surrounded by a garden. This area was originally the market place, with streets now lost to the sea running parallel on the right. The mock-timber building on the left is the Mill Inn. Beyond it are Moot House, Market Cross Place and the White Lion.

Memories of Aldeburgh

This little girl could be me! I spent many happy hours playing with my model boat here, while visiting my grandmother, Ruth Knowles from Fawcett Road in the town. What happy memories!

In the 60's the tower was derelict but us children could get across the very unsafe wooden bridge across the moat and explore the inside. Very dangerous with rotten floors and deep drops!

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