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Caption for Aldershot, St Michael's Parish Church c1950: Alderholt is probably Dorset's easternmost village. Its boundaries brush hard against the borders of neighbouring Hampshire. The heathland all around is still relatively unspoiled, and rich in archaeology. Forty years ago the post office served as a motor garage, complete with petrol pumps.

Memories of Aldershot, St Michael's Parish Church c1950

My mother and father were married in St Andrews garrison church in 1944 Mum was a cook in the NAFFI and my dad was stationed on the camp after coming back from France following Dunkirk with damage to his legs

My wife and I were married here in August 1962.

I was christened in this church in 1949, both my sons were christened and married in St Michael's. I went to Sunday school there and also I was confirmed there.

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