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This was reputedly the largest and finest open-air bathing pool in the country. It covered ten acres, and contained well over one million gallons of water. Situated in the Aldershot Park estate (bought by the council in 1920 for £21,000), it was originally a lake; it was drained, and dressing rooms and lawns were added, costing £20,000. In 1948 the modern pentathlon of the XIV Olympiad was hosted here.

Memories of Aldershot, the Bathing Pool c1950

In the late 60's, I was a WRAC PTI and was posted to Aldershot. During the summer I had been out with others on a practical map reading course and we finished early, so the guys suggested we go to the lido for the afternoon. As it was nice and sunny and I didn't even know it existed, I said why not. Later, on sunny days when I had a smaller class, I used to take the girls on 'bike rides' but told them to ...see more

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