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Caption for Aldershot, Victoria Road c1965: Another generation has passed since 79622 (above), and the scene has changed to one where the motor car now dominates, forcing pedestrians onto the pavements. Sparks Electrical retailers can be seen on the left, while also visible is Whitby's camera shop on the right, just a few doors up from the Wimpy café which opened in the early 1960s.

Memories of Aldershot, Victoria Road c1965

Does anyone remember Lane's ice cream shop? They sold sweets amd home made ice cream; absolutely gorgeous!

Lanes has got to be the best ice cream ever. I had Asian flu followed by bronchitis in 1957/58 and my brothers would cycle up and get a thermos flask of ice cream - I honestly think I owe my survival to them (my brothers and Lanes). I have never tasted ice cream as good,

Can remember most of the shops in this part of the street. My father worked in the shop beyond the Wimpy Bar - Lascelles fishmongers. Fred the butchers, Lanes ice-cream, the Hot Oven, Hall & Warner, the herbalist, Keens newsagents, the Camera shop, the entrance to the Market what memories this brings back!

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