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Caption for Allendale, Main Road c1955: High Street c1960 On the left is the Town Hall with its unu- sual lead-sheathed clock turret. The town is also noted for its late 19th- century iron railings and for St Cuthbert's Church, which has a type of roof unusual in Northumberland. The roof is of single and double thickness stone slabs laid alternately down the roof pitch, possibly as a defence against raid- ers who often used fire when attacking buildings; at least two previous wooden roofs are known to have been destroyed by fire.

An extract from Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories.

Memories of Allendale, Main Road c1955

l was born in the flat above the chemist shop in 1947. Arthur Walker was the pharmacist.  We moved over the road to Cross Keys House in 1950 and lived there till 1965. The street was my playground, with best friend Marion Warwick and Nigel Hutchinson, the Philipson brothers from next door to Charlton's (...Read full memory)

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