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Cannot Remember Much

A Memory of Alton.

I believe I was in LMTH from 1953 until 1962 with breaks in between. This was due to polio which meant many operations on my right leg. I can recall a Sister Smith. I do recall going outside with our beds, and shunting the beds around the ward in the evening to be closer to our pals to play games. I also recall, due to boredom, we somehow managed to tie a fishing line to the on/off switch to the large radio which was wall mounted. We then used to pull the line, turning on the valve set late at night; it took a minute or so to warm up, then started playing loudly, causing the staff who sat at a large table at the end of the ward to come rushing down to turn it off. I do not think we were ever caught, but they used to listen out for the loud click of the switch and dash down before the set warmed up. If you can recall any of this you can reach me at slipalong@gmail.com ,Terry

With thanks to Terry Bartlam for this memory of Alton

Added 18 December 2012


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