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Caption for Ampthill, Woburn Street c1955: Woburn Street enters Market Place from the west and has more vernacular houses and cottages along each side. Sandhill House, on the far left, is an attractive earlier 19th- century house in villa style with bracketed eaves and a shallow slate roof. On the right is the sign for the Queen's Head pub, the queen being Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, who lived in Ampthill during her divorce in the early 1530s.

An extract from Bedford Photographic Memories.

Memories of Ampthill

Prince of Wales Coaches. I think that was my dad's bus coming up Church Street and Vic the postman bless him, you could hear him coming up the street. What lovely memories I have of Ampthill. I lived at Prince of Wales till my marriage in 1959.

The lady with the white coat and shopping basket on the right hand side of the photo is my grandmother - Clara Billington - and lovely to see her in print!

My abiding memory of Ampthill is when I used to go to the Saturday pictures with my cousins and the fire engine would be called out. The only problem was the siren that called them out was the old wartime air-raid siren. What a noise !!! I lived in Maulden but often visited Ampthill. thanks for the memories. !!!

Browsing Ampthill, for the first time, I came across the above photo.  On the left just above the logo is a shop blind that used to protect the meat in the window display from sunshine (when it appeared).  That blind was the bain of my life in 1952/3/4 when I was a so called "butchers boy".  It never ran correctly on it's (...Read full memory)

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