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Caption for Andover, Bridge Street c1960: A man leans on the bridge rail beside the Methodist Church. Next door, Frank May, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, is now Redwoods. A lone Austin A35 has the street to itself, while the door of the Star and Garter is still locked tight. On the right is the Free Public Library, the Art School above and Florabunda's flowers below. General Shubrick's clock over the door came from the Round House when the Andover Turnpike Trust was wound up.

An extract from Andover Photographic Memories.

Memories of Andover, Bridge Street c1960

Before Chantry Way was developed, the town library was situated in the building on the right of this picture.  The thrill of being able to indulge myself, for free, in books, books and more books still resides in me today. I swear I can still smell the distinctive aroma of the building once you stepped through its doors!

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