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Growing Up In Ardwick - a Memory of Ardwick.

Hi my name is paul hothersall i lived at 35 exeter street off devonshire street ardwick from 1956-1967 my first years from being born there in 1956 . I have really enjoyed reading other peoples memories of ardwick,my mother hilda hothersall used to play the piano in the ritchmond pub i have a half brother + sister who lived there too called stuart sullivan + kay sullivan we were moved to hillock estate around
1967 i went to ross place school and loved playing on the streets if anyone remembers our family ,send me a friends request on facebook would love to chat.

A memory shared by paulhothersall on Jul 25th, 2015. Send paulhothersall a message

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Fri Oct 16th 2020, at 11:47 pm
Hi Pam we lived in 50 Exeter Street about the same time do you remember the Travers neighbours the mum was Elese two kids Karl and Geraldine
My brother Dave was friends with Steve and Gary Travers love to hear more memories
Wed Jan 22nd 2020, at 10:18 am
tudor commented:
Hello everyone. . . I'm searching for really early memories. . . around 1875! John Nahum Newall and his wife Maria (nee Rathbone) lived at 3 Exeter Street just after they got married at the age of 18 or so . . . apparently they lived there for over 60 years, until around 1940. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I have lots more information that I can happily share, as my father did some research.
Also does anyone know much about the Chancery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Mission of the
Mechanics Institute as John was a leading member of both and his wife was active in the mission too; there is a vague family memory that one of the Rathbone's was a very good singer, perhaps professional opera standard. . . again I would be so grateful for any leads. . .thanks PS the other side of the family which also attended the methodist mission I think were the Lomas's; I have a phot of William Lomas and his wife Harriet Eliza Hepplestone from around the turn of the century; they had three children -- Lucy, William (killed I think in WW1) and my grandfather Jospeh, who was born in 1885 and died in 1957/8. . . thanks for this too
Sat Sep 7th 2019, at 1:26 pm
reddianan commented:
Hi Pam

We lived a 58 Exeter Street until 1966'ish. Our house also had 3 or 4 steps up, a front room, middle room, kitchen & scullery downstairs and 3 bedrooms upstairs. To get to the bathroom you had to walk through one of the bedrooms. There was also a cellar and an attic. I remember an elderly couple lived next door to the right, I think they had a black dog. On the other side was a family I think their name was Travers. Across the road lived my friend Kathleen Eaton, next to the 'croft' and then the corner shop. Good old days. Now living in Oz.

Sat Aug 17th 2019, at 9:59 am
twodpoletudor commented:
Hi Paul,
I lived around the corner from you at 5 Richmond Street and our house backed onto the Richmond pub. Many Friday and Saturday nights I'd lay awake listening to the piano and the singing once the beer had kicked in. Your mam sure could tickle those ivories.
I can remember the Flanagan's taking over the running of the pub in or around 1964 from an older couple that used to have it. The Flanagan’s were from Miles Platting and I used to knock about with their son Steve.
The only two lads I can remember from Exeter Street were Michael Sidebottom and David Tummner. (not too sure on the spelling.) I bought a microscope off, David for 30 bob and I still have it to this day. Mike I knew from my school days.
I also went to Ross Place and spent many a dinnertime drooling in the sweet shop that was, Kitty's.
Sat Aug 17th 2019, at 9:28 am
twodpoletudor commented:
Hi Anne,
Your mam, J. was a legend both back in Ardwick and Hatts. I used to go in the fish shop with my mam and then into Paddy's next door for the fruit and veg. I think your family owned the first video player on the Estate. Sadly Sandy Bank shops are long gone and are now all housed up with overpriced little boxes made of ticky tacky. I lived on Bunyan Street for awhile and it was always a treat to 'go on the road' shopping with my mam. A big memory hug to your mam, bless her.
Fri Jun 14th 2019, at 9:42 am
dkwahiwala commented:
Hi we lived in Exeter street from 1958. My father first bought 28 Devonshire st my brother was born there we then moved to No 40 we also owned No 38
Then we moved to No 50 we stayed there till 1966 when we moved to longsight
We went to Ross place I wonder if any one remembers the Indian family sikhs my brother was called Dave. Pls leave message
Sun Jun 9th 2019, at 9:26 pm
pam.cleary commented:
We lived at 62 Exeter street & our house had 3/4 steps leading up to the front door. We had a bathroom (real luxury) 3 bedrooms, a parlour, middle room, kitchen, scullery & cellar. I don't think all the houses were like that as we have got photographs taken on the opposite side of the street and there aren't any steps.
Sun Jun 9th 2019, at 9:23 pm
pam.cleary commented:
I lived at 62 Exeter Street from being born in 1955 until moving to Partington in 1960. We were the Ratican family & it was originally my granny & grandad's house & we lived with them. I went to St Aloysious but only from 1959 - 1960.
Sat Dec 1st 2018, at 8:29 am
anne commented:
Hi Ian
I grew up in Ardwick from 1950 to 1966
We also moved to Hattersley
We lived at 222 Hyde road in the Fish shop opposite the Hyde road pub ( later became the City gates )
I went to Ross place and remember Mr Garnham and Mr Barclay
We moved to Hattersley in 1966 and had the Fish and Chip shop on Sandybank
Happy days hope you are well
Wed May 16th 2018, at 5:45 pm
jj.hilditch commented:
Paul, do you remember what the houses on Devonshire St looked like in the 50s/60s? My family lived there, but the houses were demolished before i was born.
Wed Nov 22nd 2017, at 9:51 am
ianbradshaw2 commented:
I am Ian Bradshaw I grew up at 79 Exeter Street Manchester I lived there from 1954 to 1965 when we were relocated to Hattersley. I went to Ross Place school and my teacher was Mr Garnham (hope that’s a correct spelling) I certainly knew Alan Smedley. I am still in contact with Steven Woodbridge who also lived on Exeter Street. I am now living in Glossop Derbyshire.
Sun Nov 12th 2017, at 1:59 pm
paulhothersall commented:
HI alan were are you living now
Sat Feb 27th 2016, at 1:41 pm
allansmedley commented:
Theres a likelihood we knew each other, i lived at 76 Exeter street from around 1956 to 1966/7. I went to Ross place school. I also moved to Hillock Estate in Whitefield when they demolished Ardwick. We lived in Douglas Close, where my sister still lives.

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