Memories of Armthorpe

Does anyone remember going to school with me? I would like to know how you all are.

As children we went to Sunday school from an early age. As 'littlies' - not being old enough (under 5's) to concentrate on any serious bible teaching, we attended kindergarten in the Gertrude Bell Hall with Mrs Bailey - the Vicar's wife. She loved us all and hugged us - although I do remember her corsets creaked as she (...Read full memory)

What a huge time for the 10-11 year olds when we were confirmed (able to take communion like our parents). Confirmation classes with the Vicar in the evenings - huge stuff for littlies believe me. We felt so special, boys and girls. The Bishop came from Sheffield to confirm us - with all the trimmings/colours of his (...Read full memory)

I was married in St Leonards and St Marys Church, Armthorpe, on 26 December 1963. My husband was Reg Ford from Balby. We worked together at Peglers Ltd, Brassfounders, Balby. We emigated to New Zealnd in 1965, through the Peglers Group. We have 3 children and are both still in New Zealand despite the marriage breaking down in mid 70's.

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