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My Dad was from Ashgill and my Mum was from Stonehouse. Emigrated to Canada in 1957 where I was born. First visit to Scotland in 1967 and met my grandparents in Ashgill - 15 Bogside Rd - Peter and Jeanie Hamilton. My Dad was Willie Hamilton, or Bill. Am very familiar with the school in Dalserf - Dempsters garage (...Read full memory)

I remember Ashgill well, my mum was born and brought up there. They lived at 51 Bogside Rd, granda was a miner. I never met my gran, she died when my mum was very young - their name was Dodds. There was Lizzie, Mary, Matt, Jeannie and John. Can anyone tell me if there was a wee shop at the bottom of Bogside Rd called Queenies? I am sure there was - anyway great times was had in Ashgill.