Old Maps of Ashover

Historic Maps of Ashover and the local area.

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Ashover from other years.

Memories of Ashover

Read and share your memories of Ashover itself or of a particular photo of Ashover.

My memory of the Grange dates to when it was being used as a youth hostel in the Seventies and my primary school in Hounslow used to take 3rd and 4th year pupils away for a week so we experienced something more than Tridents and VC10s buzzing us every three minutes. My main memory is the first evening of the 1972 visit, (...Read full memory)

In about 1995, I found amongst my late grandmother's papers, reference to a couple of 'Uncles' - William and John Milnes - who lived at one time at Butts House in Ashover. It was mentioned that the two brothers had owned mines in the area, and at some stage had 'fallen out' and so Butts House was divided in two, and they (...Read full memory)