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Memories of Astmoor

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I lived in Astmoor with my grandparents. My grandma sold sweets, pop and cigarettes. I went to Halton School and walked down Astmoor Lane which we called Summer Lane. Grandad worked at Astmoor tannery. We lived next to Ivy House, it used to be a farm. I have pictures of Astmoor before Astmoor bridge was built, and (...Read full memory)

My father used to work at Astmoot Tannery until it closed in 1957, he wound up the books and company. There used to be a small shop in a person's front room, in the row of cottages at the bottom of Summer Lane and the owner always gave me a Fry's cream bar. On another note, Dr Wardle was not the most gentle dentist (...Read full memory)