Auldgirth, The River Nith c.1960

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Memories of Auldgirth

I was born in Hayfield Cottages, Auldgirth in April 1931. My first year at school Mrs Garthwaite was my teacher. She lived in the house just north of the school. In the mid 30s my brother Bob and I saw an airship fly over Barbra Mill. Can anyone else remember that? Aulgirth sports were held in the field across from the inn. We (...Read full memory)

My mother and I evacuated from Glasgow to Auldgirth in 1941 to escape the bombing immediately following the Clydebank bombing. We stayed with a wonderful family called Collins who were friends of my father's family. Mr Collins in peacetime was a gardener on the Kennedy Estate called I remember "The Big (...Read full memory)

My father Colin Seaton was born and raised in Auldgirth, he was the youngest of 5 children. He left Scotland when he was 17 and now lives in australia. Does anyone remember the Seaton family at all? I visited Auldgirth back in 2007 and there wasn't anyone around that remember my fathers family, any information would be great

i went to school with one of the daughters who lived in this house she said it was very creepy. last year 2013 my son attended closeburn nursery with a little girl whos family are now living there and they said there are not so much sightings now but they do continue to hear and feel things particularly in the upstairs of the house.

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