Aveley, Dacre Avenue c.1960

Memories of Aveley, Dacre Avenue c1960

I lived in A prefab in Tamerisk Road, and travelled to Dagenham County High School each school day. Steam train to Upminster, District line to Heathway, 148 bus to outside the school. Before got going to school I did a 'big' paper round. Orchard Road, Orchard Close and West (?) Road. I think it was the biggest (...Read full memory)

My friend Dionne Page lived here, Number 10 if I remember right, well the house on the corner......had just left school, Aveley Comp, as it was then called.  Dionne's dad use to call us "THE BLACK FOOT TRIBE".  That summer we used to hang out at Johnny Cobbs stables, the best summer ever.  Many memories. Dee where are you now.  Would love to hear from you.

I lived in Humber Ave and went to Dilkes School. I then moved to Daiglan Drive and went to Bonney Gates School. My friends were Margaret Baily, Kay Compton and Dawn. We left Ockendon in 1967 when we moved to Daventry with Fords. There are quite a few Ockenders in Daventry as hundreds moved up here. My maiden names was Watson.

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