Aveley, Hall Road Estate c.1955

Memories of Aveley

Hi, came across memories of Aveley by chance and found this very interesting as we were also the first to move into the experiment house, number 37 Central, and like you said was very cold. When we moved there there was no houses except fields next to Olive and Geoff King and I could see my nan getting off the bus at (...Read full memory)

I have very fond memories of growing up in Aveley. I was born in a prefab in 1947 at 4 East Walk, my dad worked at Thames Board Mills clocking up over 30 years of service (he died in Field Road in 1970), like everyone born there I attended Primary School and the Junior school and entered Bushy Bit in 1958, what a (...Read full memory)

Year ranges from 1961 to present really. My nan and grandad lived in Aveley, the Harmans, in Central Avenue. I have fond memories of staying with my nan and grandad, and the house in Central Ave, and across the road were Olive and Geof King (relations of my dad Ray Harrison). Mum met dad in Aveley, and the rest (...Read full memory)

Hi, I was born in my nan and grandad's house in Mill Road, Aveley, it was a big house about half way down Mill Road on the right, heading towards the football grounds from the village. I was christened at the village church. I lived in the house until I was about 9 when my mum and dad moved to Blackshots. I can't remember (...Read full memory)

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