Aveley, St Michael's Church c.1960

Memories of Aveley, St Michael's Church c1960

I remember Father McNeice, Father Randall and Father Preston as vicars at St Michael's church in Aveley. My Mother Mary Archer was the church clerk at St Michael's for many years from the 50s. She also did some cleaning there, was a member of the Mothers Union and ushered at weddings and funerals so I spent much of my early (...Read full memory)

I was married in this church on July 28th 1973 to David Cutler (we are still together). My whole family 3 sisters and a brother including my Mum and Dad were married in this church and my grandparents are buried there. The Reverend Randall married me and my hubby. Happy memories of Aveley, loved it there and my husband's Mum still lives there in Dacre Avenue.

My daughter Jackie Fuller married in this church in 1972 and my daughter Trina was christened there. We lived in Manning Street and I was married to Ted Fuller who still lives in Aveley. Trina was christened there in 1968 and I still remember the Vicar who did the service for both of them but cannot remember his name..

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