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Historic Maps of Awsworth and the local area.

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I was born at 44 Main Street, better known as Music Row, in 1943 and moved to Kimberley in 1958. I have many fond memories of living there, huge bonfires on the "donkey piece", making "winter warmers" out of a tin with holes in and coal. Scrumping in Mr Wardle's orchard, it was also he who also recharged our (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Awsworth from 1959 and left in 1986 to live nearby in Eastwood. I attended both schools as a child, all my 4 children were baptised in the local church, I played football for all the teams in Awsworth, in fact I and a friend formed the Sunday League side, Awsworth 77 as it was originally known. I still believe it (...Read full memory)