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Aylesbury Photographic Memories

Aylesbury Photographic Memories

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Caption for Aylesbury, Kingsbury Square 1901: Kingsbury Square is the market place for the oldest part of the town; this grew up around the church, whose tower can be seen beyond the roofs. The square is actually triangular, with encroachment on the east side, and still recognisable a century after this view was taken. Until it was paved, it was often knee-deep in mud. The domestic elements have long gone - shops and pubs now occupy all the ground floors. The gardens and the houses on the left have been replaced by a routine 1960s block, Kingsbury House.

An extract from Aylesbury Photographic Memories.

Memories of Aylesbury

Looking for any information on a Mary Frances Reed or the Reed family whom we think lived in Aylesbury at the time. Name might have been spelled Reid. This is for genealogical purposes

My husband, Roger Watts, and his family lived in Castle St in the 1950's. The picture has a figure standing outside their front door (no.15) which could be his mother or older sister Linda. Can anybody shed some light on this ? The street was always free of cars with only the doctor, who lived a few doors away, (...Read full memory)

I am looking to find someone who remembers the years 1941-1945 during WW2, in particular the family who lived at No.32, Whitehall Street/linked to Ripon Street. The families names were; Alice & Will Barnes, they had 3 children, Fred, Bert and Ina. Owing to the War my family were evacuated to Aylesbury from 1941 (...Read full memory)

I am researching my family history, and try to find relatives, my Aunt Lydia married Reginald Elliott in Kent during the 1930s, they had 5 children?? Reg, John, Fred, Rose, Yvonne, My Aunts death in 1972 was reg in Aylesbury, this is a very long shot, but maybe someone knows about the Family. Brian.

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