Old Maps of Barking

Historic Maps of Barking and the local area.

I was born in 1950, Stephens was my maiden name. With my two brothers Bob & Barry, we lived in Bradfield Drive next door to Grahame Scott who was in the Tremeloes, before they were sort of famous. Remember the swings in Maysbook Park, safe to go to on your own even as small child! Youth club on Thamesmead? The estate, many (...Read full memory)

I notice many other contributors focus on the shops in the town centre and I will cover these in my next ramblings but start with my schools. I was born in March 1949 at Upney maternity hospital and my first school was Northbury. Teachers I remember were Mr.Rowe, cold fish he was, Mr Bowers I liked him. (...Read full memory)