Barking, Bascule Bridge c.1920

Memories of Barking

I remember Roding Avenue (No.33) with very fond memories. Those names you have mentioned are still floating about in my brain! I remember the Coronation celebration party well; I was dressed as a pilot. My mum and several other ladies sang on stage dressed as Zulu women - they sang "Dem Bones". I now live in (...Read full memory)

I went to Eastbury boys school, lived then in Blake Avenue, had vert fond memories of Barking town centre, also played in Eastbury House. I remember the pie mash shop and the coffee bar next to the picture house called the Electric or known as the bug hole.

My earliest recollection of the beginning of the bombing of Barking was the destruction of a school in little MORLEY ROAD , I was about six at the time. However my younger brothers dispute this and say that to their knowledge there was never a school in either little or big MORLEY ROAD. Can anyone who would be now aged about 80-86 years confirm which is correct. A Smith

Does anyone remember rosebank caravan park on the london rd going into Clacton ? (little Clacton I believe) the robin hood pub was close by and right next to the caravan park was a little farm that sold the best tomatoes I have ever tasted. I know rosebank is no longer there, houses were built on the site, there (...Read full memory)

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