Barking, East Street 1950

Memories of Barking

I notice many other contributors focus on the shops in the town centre and I will cover these in my next ramblings but start with my schools. I was born in March 1949 at Upney maternity hospital and my first school was Northbury. Teachers I remember were Mr.Rowe, cold fish he was, Mr Bowers I liked him. (...Read full memory)

My twin brother Brian and I are Barking born and bred. We were born at 10 King Edward Road in May of 1936 (now 81) where we stayed until about 5 years old when our parents moved to 43 St Erkenwald Road off Ripple Road opposite what was to become DOES clothing store where their son (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember going to Thames View Infants late 50's early 60's.I remember Miss Hobson the headmistress and Miss Plummer and Miss Keithley who were my teachers.It was a great school and I remember going into assembly and Miss Hobson playing music that I actually liked.'Jesu Joy of Man's desiring' 'Elizabethan (...Read full memory)

I have fond memories of Barking back in the early sixtys.,Oh I know its a dump now, dirty and no charm at all, but back then it was a place to be proud of. The fair held at Barking park (sadly not the park it was then), the carnival, going on the rides and trying to pick up the girls at the fair, a pocket of money and high (...Read full memory)

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