Barking, East Street c.1925

Memories of Barking

I was born in Barking Park in 1947; we lived in nissan hut number 17, the Camp. Does anyone remember these huts or better stil,l have any photos?

I remember Blakes Corner and Blakes Market - my friend Ann (now my sister-in-law) used to buy our stockings at Fannie Shaws market stool in the market.

I moved from Dulwich in 1966 as my father was in the army.We lived in the TA camp on Vicarage lane and I went to Vicarage Lane School. My maiden name was Mcnickle. I attend it for 18 months then went to Burges Manor which I have since found out is called Langdon School. I only went for one term as my father retired (...Read full memory)

I was born in Upney hospital in 1954, lived in Barking in Esex in St Aldrey Street, attended Ripple Middle School, loved going to Barking Park as a kid, we moved to Australia in 1966.

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