Barking, Elizabethan Court And Market House 1912

Memories of Barking

My nan and grandad were Barking people, my nan was born on a fishing smack moored in the quay at barge aground area of town. My grandad was a hero of the battle of Jutland. My uncle Tig lived and died in Barking so did many of my family. My dad was in the Royal Marines and when he demobbed we came home from Germany and (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1953. Mr Aston the head, my teacher was Miss Wynne, a great school.

If I remember rightly, coming round the corner from Ripple Road into East Street, there was a hole in the ground courtesy of the German bombers. Later, Timothy Whites was built there. Anyway, as youngsters, we used to head for the Capitol cinema for the Saturday morning club, but before we got to the cinema we used to stop at a (...Read full memory)

I remember starting school at Westbury School. I loved it when my little sister Sharon Saint start infants there while i was in the juniors. ALways being protective I used to sneak round to the infants part and sit with her making sure she was safe

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