Rosebank Caravan Park Clacton - a Memory of Barking.

Does anyone remember rosebank caravan park on the london rd going into Clacton ? (little Clacton I believe) the robin hood pub was close by and right next to the caravan park was a little farm that sold the best tomatoes I have ever tasted. I know rosebank is no longer there, houses were built on the site, there was another caravan park just before rosebank called I think grays or greys???. Our caravan was unit D5 right near the swimming pool , they had a club where you could play bingo or listen to really loud and bad bands, used to play the slot machines there they took the old pennies andi remember walking around with my pockets loaded down with the heavy coins. would love to hear from anyone who remembers the park or has postcards /photos of it, I believe the people who run it was called conroy and before that a man called mr brownwell (I think).

A memory shared by Kevin Edwards on Aug 16th, 2014. Send Kevin Edwards a message.

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Sun Mar 8th 2015, at 11:00 pm
handy105 commented:
Hi Kevin, yes I remember it. My mum was a widow with 4 young girls. She hired a small caravan in Rose bank and we came down from London for the long holidays. Had so much fun there spending hours on the beach, digging in the sand,swimming, collecting mussels late at night and cooking them in the beach hut. We would regularly enter the fancy dress competitions and won one year as the von trap family-ha ha. My mum frequented the robin hood for sure as she was always the life and soul and made a lot of friends there. So did we. We always envied the caravaners tho in the Highlands caravan park nearby where the caravans seemed so big and the nightlife much more exciting! Thanks for your post it has brought back happy memories :-) Hilary
Sun Mar 8th 2015, at 11:34 pm
Kevin Edwards commented:
Hi Hilary thank you for replying and your memories as well. I agree highland caravan park did seem more upscale and the entertainment was a lot better I think, not sure if its still there. iam going back to England this week for a visit, hoping to get to Clacton although iam sure it wont be the same, once again thank you. kevin
Sun Mar 22nd 2015, at 10:45 am
iantully65 commented:
hi guys,i loved rosebank,my nan and grandad had a caravan on their for my entire youth,we were from the midlands but my grandparents were from london,my whole childhood was spent on that caravan park,i remember the swiming pool from the green mesh fence around it and then it went posh and had a cool wall around it.i also remember you could get bikes from outside the clubhouse that sat 4 people in it........the shower block was very cold back in the day, as the years went by my nan and grandad upgraded caravans and we had a shower in the van(posh) lol.
i loved the clubhouse spent most of my time in the arcade,i remember 1 game you had to drive a little beetle car on a pole around a road....very very old games but great fun in the early 80's.we also spent alot of time trying to sneek into highlands haha..the pool had a big 10m diving board and a zip wire in the play area lol. also loved the pier,christ i loved the pier....the dolphins and the killer whale and then the roller coaster.amazing memories,any pictures of rosebank would be amazing if anybody has any.
Tue Jul 28th 2015, at 1:09 pm
Linda Smith commented:
Hi Went on holiday to Rose Bank caravan Park in 1959 and my father made inquiries about purchasing a caravan, he was offered the one we were staying in but he declined and ordered a new one, £500 a lot of money then. Had many great holidays, the site was then sold and went commercial. Although the club house was already there they added the swimming pool etc. Became very noisy with mods and rockers turning up from London. Site fees went through the roof and we pulled off the site, we all missed it so much. Years later we had a look and bungalows had been built on the site. Highfields caravan park was still there across the road.
Tue Jul 28th 2015, at 3:56 pm
Kevin Edwards commented:
Hi linda thanks for replying, our caravan was right next to the swimming pool, (no fence or wall back then) it was a pain listening to the pump going all night long plus the big light they had on, dad had to put up an old blanket across the windows to stop the light coming in. I think that's why mum and dad got rid of the caravan because of the fees getting to much plus the owners told them they had to either get a new caravan or fix up the one they had.
Thu Oct 6th 2016, at 8:49 pm
suexx23 commented:
Hi my nan & grandad had a caravan there i spent a lot of time there even had a friend called sonia web her nan & grandad had a caravan by the pool with her brother & i remember a boy called Mark who's family had a caravan near the pool he went out with a girl called nikkei whos family had the on site shop love to get in touch again
Sat Jun 10th 2017, at 4:06 pm
vrich327 commented:
Hi my mum and dad had a caravan no h28 for about 4 year's in the 80s until development of house's I remember in the clubhouse there was a door which lead you to the arcades and a penny mashine with a handle to the left grate times I learned to swim in the pool and a man called robbie Robinson who I think was some kind of caretaker he used to draw in a blue book
Sat Jun 10th 2017, at 4:10 pm
vrich327 commented:
Which I still have every summer there was swimming contestants with robbie on the megaphone and I recall a girl called Sonia who could hand stand in the water for simed like a long time.

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