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Caption for Barrowford, The White Bear Inn C1950: Barrowford is where the Pendle Witches Trail begins. The forty-five mile route takes the visitor through historic villages and on to Lancaster Castle via the Trough of Bowland. This famous coaching inn is situated in that part of Barrowford which stretches along Gisburn Road, where many interesting old properties stand; it was built originally as the great house of the Hargreaves family, and it is the largest 17th-century building in the village. The datestone reads 1607, but 1697 is a more accurate date: the original datestone was misread owing to weathering when rebuilding of the inn took place in 1912. When John Hargreaves died in 1713, an inventory of his house was made room by room, from the milk house to the great parlour. The building has been an inn since 1775; the name no doubt refers to the cruel practice of bear baiting, a common entertainment in these days.

Memories of Barrowford, the White Bear Inn c1950

A nice picture of the Whire Bear, but not quite reality - where is the mill behind it and Stansfield's plumbers next door?

Haighton's is one of the mills to which you refer where my parents worked. Is that John Hill the teacher whose mother's name was Margaret? I was formerly Margaret Drake, nee Mount.

When I was a young lad I used to go to Nelson Speedway. My memories are very vague now but I do remember the smell of the bikes, and ducking down hiding from the gravel spit out whilst the bikes went around the corners. Happy innocent days long before health and safety took the fun out of it for us! (...Read full memory)

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