Barry, Cold Knap Marine Lake c.1931

Memories of Barry

My family moved from Salford (Manchester) to Barry in 1957. We lodged with a very kind lady called Mrs Beck for a few months while we waited for our new semi-detached house to be built on Maes-y-Coed road, Cold Knap. The house was right behind Glan-y-Mor, at the bottom of a grassy hill. If I remember, Glan-y-Mor was a Y.M.C.A (...Read full memory)

Time has passed quickly and over the years my brother, husband and son passed away. Wonderful memories return as I view this picture. My husband took part in the Penarth Gilbert and Sullivan production of Rudigore and later in Canada became the musical director of severaI local choirs e.g the Barbershoppers. I (...Read full memory)

My mother worked in Lloyds in Holton Road. They had two shops, one which she usually worked in selling Lino, beds and furniture, and china etc. The other shop was the largest of the two and my mother used to shop there a lot. Entering this building on the right hand side was the men clothes, on the left hand side was a (...Read full memory)

I have fond memories of visiting Barry as a young child, my mum's parents owned a sweet factory and shop in Main Street, and my mum, Rita Pennington, and also my dad, Colin Booker both lived there till after the war. My dad died this week, here in Bourmenouth, we will return to Barry to scatter some ashes at some stage soon.

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