Barry, Cold Knap Marine Lake c.1931

Memories of Barry

Does anybody remember my Great-grandfather on my Father's sdie of the family, Police Inspector William Hole? He had a few children, one being my grandfather Walter Trevor Hole, another being Police Sergeant Harry Hole. I know William Hole was in the Tonypandy Riots as a Policeman and Harry Hole was a Policeman in (...Read full memory)

Time has passed quickly and over the years my brother, husband and son passed away. Wonderful memories return as I view this picture. My husband took part in the Penarth Gilbert and Sullivan production of Rudigore and later in Canada became the musical director of severaI local choirs e.g the Barbershoppers. I (...Read full memory)

Cissie's memories: I came to Barry in 1900.  Holton Road was muddy and planks of wood were put down to enter the shops. We had a shop in 26 Holton Road, and later at the bottom of the block on spare ground Johnson's opened a portable theatre. They played drama and had a pantomine in which I took part as a chorus girl.  On (...Read full memory)

Hello, I am researching for a book about footballers who played for Tottenham Hotspurs in the thirties. I am particularly interested in Albert Hall who I believe was born in Cadoxton, Barry in 1918. I would like to get in touch with anyone who know stories about him or even any relations who would be willing to (...Read full memory)

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