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We are still able to despatch most of our products, however, the ones listed below (that are made by other manufacturers) will not be available for a while.

Tableware (Coasters & Placemats) and Wallpaper.

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We will update this message as anything changes.

Memories of Batley

does any one remember rosies cheap shop on commercial street we all used to go there for our cheap things

Does anyone remember Rene Donnelly's Sweet Shop on the corner of Wilton Street & Bradford Road? I remember buying Smith's Crisps with the little blue packet of salt. There was a sign in the shop that read "Please don't ask for credit as a refusal often offends." Also the Little Wooden Hut was almost opposite on (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the Royal Hotel in Batley, it was on a corner I think of Bradford Road and a road that went up a very steep hill to a village. Lived there from 1963-1965 and went to Park Road School. Looking for a photo of the pub if anyone has one. Remember traffic lights being outside on the corner and a man that used to keep ferrets down his shirt and trousers when he came in for a pint.

I remember Rosie's Cheap Shop so well. I can actually picture Rosie now with her slight lisp. Did she not run the place with her son/sons. I also remember the 10 pence lucky bags from the market, and the sweet shop called the 'Talk of the Town'. I have such fond memories of Batley, but sadly haven't been there for 13 years.

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