Old Maps of Beaulieu

Historic Maps of Beaulieu and the local area.

Memories of Beaulieu

Read and share your memories of Beaulieu itself or of a particular photo of Beaulieu.

My parents were managers of The Montague Arms for a short while. On sunny days I was allowed to cycle to Hythe and back. I was twelve and fit enough to reach Hythe within half-an-hour! I heard rumours from the staff at the hotel that the Abbey nearby was haunted by the ancient monks who had lived there. I was told that (...Read full memory)

In the late sixties a school friend Eric and I were employed one summer at what was then The Montague Motor Museum. We worked for the catering department. In those days on occasion the Beaulieu Estate held medieval banquets, they took place in the great hall on the first floor of the Domus. One morning we were tasked (...Read full memory)