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South East London Photographic Memories

South East London Photographic Memories

The photo 'Beckenham, Cottage Hospital 1899' appears in this book.

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The original 1877 Cottage Hospital building survives in Croydon Road as part of Beckenham Hospital. The creeper has been removed, and the chimneys have been cut down, but behind a new low wall the building remains an important local landmark.

An extract from South East London Photographic Memories.

Memories of Beckenham, Cottage Hospital 1899

In the late 1940s as a child I used to play in the park along side the hospital and remember very young cutting my foot in the paddling pool. A child who was playing with me ( we had no adults with us ) insisted on taking me to the Casualty Dept were I recall they kept asking me if I had had my tetanus injection whilst they cleaned me up. Vandalism meant someone had thrown a ...see more

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