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Memories of Bellingham, Brown Rigg Camp School c1955

1 was there from 60 to 63 I was in wansbeck. I remember carrying bread to Bellingham when road was closed by snow. I also remember all the good times I had while there. I used to look after the farm letting chickens in and out. I live in Canada now in Niagara falls have been here since 79. if anyone wants to get in touch please do. peter Henderson.(geordiepete89@hotmail.com

IT is the experience of my life. . Getting to known English and the culture Will be back next year that is 2017 in August . Anybody there to join me ?

I was actually there in 1960. I too benefitted greatly from the experience, but I am surprised that no one seems to mentioned the health benefits. I suffered from Asthma and Bronchitis and usually suffered when I returned home for the holidays. In my three and one half years at Brown Rigg School I suffered just one 24-hour cold and never missed a single day. I even excelled at athletics and cross-country running, ...see more

Hi When I first started Brownrigg wearing red knee length socks only to find everyone wearing white. Went into Cheviot first and my first encounter with a teacher was Miss Savage - she lived up to her name. Miss Little was the science teacher and my favourite. My great love was, and still is, animals hence run an animal sanctuary in Ireland. At school was in charge of the rabbits along with Keith Short my ...see more

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