Bellingham, The Tyne And Bridge c.1955

Memories of Bellingham

The 2012 Brown Rigg School Reunion wil take place over the weekend of 8/9/10th June. There will be a packed programme of entertainment and the opportunity to take a look around Brown Rigg once again. Bellingham hasn't changed very much since the Brown Rigg days and will be instantly recognisable, even after all these years. (...Read full memory)

I attended Brown Rigg only for a short period of time in 1972, Sept-Dec I recall, so not many pupils from that time might remember me, maybe for being very disruptive. I think I held the record for absconding the most times in such a short period of time, it wasn't that I didn't like the place, it was a personal battle with Mr (...Read full memory)

Happy days indeed, made lots of friends - after the Sunday bridges hikes we used to race to be first in the dining hall queue. You had a better selection of fancy cakes to choose from if you got there first! Len Johnson was head boy and Ann Rea, I think was head girl at the time. I was in the football team and Len was (...Read full memory)

IT is the experience of my life. . Getting to known English and the culture Will be back next year that is 2017 in August . Anybody there to join me ?

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