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An evocative selection of images of lighthouses - iconic structures standing lonely sentinel on craggy headland or razor-sharp rocks, all around Britain’s coast.

Memories of Berwick-upon-Tweed, the Pier Lighthouse 1960

As a child we often travelled to Berwick just to see the lighthouse. We live in Ayrshire but my great grandmother, Robina Burgon, was from Berwick and the last person to man the lighthouse before it became operated by electricity. She took over from her father who worked on it for 9 years before falling ill. I loved visiting there and listening to the stories. Fond memories.

A memory and what a memory it was! There were eleven of us lads who had booked a fishing trip on one of the boats that went out from the harbour in Berwick. It was early in the day when we went out for a five hour trip; we went out as far as five miles where the skipper, having a fish finder radar, began to pick up a large shoal of fish. Of course we all got baited up on our hooks and laid a small bet ...see more

While I was on a family holiday in Northumberland, I went to Berwick one Saturday in March 2004 and enjoyed a rare sunny and mild day doing two things I enjoy: a walk on the pier to sniff the sea air and secondly a football match! I went to watch Berwick Rangers play Hamilton which was the first Scottish league football match I had seen since visiting Glasgow for a Celtic game in the 1960's! ...see more

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