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Myself and my sister recall our father visiting Beverley many, many years ago. We guess that this would have been before he was married in 1935. We are trying to find the reason why he went from his home in Goodmayes, Essex all the way to Beverley, which would have been a long journey. He was William George Depledge born on (...Read full memory)

I was born in Beverley in August 1963 and my parents Gladys and Arthur Marchant lived at 16 Waterside Road, which I assume from other contributors used to be Beck Road South. I remember Barkers and Lee Smith animal feed mill across the road from where I lived and Crane Hill. Families who lived down there (from what I (...Read full memory)

I worked in Toll Gavel from 1967 thru 1973 at Greenwoods Menswear which used to be next to Mackmans Bakers. I used to have their meat pie dinners on a silver foil tray and they were yummy and cheap. Saturday lunchtime was fish'n chips from Pecks in Butcher Row or a chinese lunch above Burton's menswear - all gone now - I guess (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the Tate family, Roy, Cyril and Janet? Jane Jennings

I was head boy for a couple of years in the mid 50's. I played rugby for the school and my younger brother David (Dai) played soccer (he died in 2004). My father was in the RAF at Leconfield. My most vivid memory is that I lost my hair while at Longcroft and it has never grown back. I'll try and attach a pic of the old rugby team (...Read full memory)

The racing stables in Tiger Lane is where I rode from in Beverley Westwood. The head groom surname of Jennings I believe. What happened to the trainer and all the staff? my name was Jane Jennings married in St Marys church 1960 to Geoffry Clark

I used to stay in Beverley with my Aunt who lived at 45 Highgate. She used to knit toys and sell them at her front door, the money she raised went to Beverley Minster to buy cassocks for the choir. Her name was Gertie Forest, she lived until she was 104 years old. My grandparent Taylor had a farm at Figham called Brookholme (...Read full memory)

I lived with my family, the Widdowsons, at 6 Beck Road South from 1938 to the late 50s. Dad, Douglas, was the Branch Manager at the Co-op at Register Square in town. I remember playing cricket on Crane Hill with our friends. Because we were not 'professionals' the ball was given a swipe and inevitably (...Read full memory)

Hi, I would just like to add that the old photographs in this collection of Beverley, Market Places, are indeed old photographs of Saturday Market. That is, all except B80045 which is a photograph of Wednesday Market. The Fiveways Cafe in Wednesday Market was named Fiveways as you can arrive at it from five different roads.

My father lived at 7 Beck Side North as a child having moved there from Hull. The gardens were long and contained fruit trees. His father was a keen gardener. The neighbours kept cows and sold milk! My father fell in the beck aged 3 but managed to get out.