Old Maps of Bicester

Historic Maps of Bicester and the local area.

I lived in Abrossden during the early 60s. I went to Bicester Highfield secondary modern. Typical 60s styling. I had the best time there and the school diners were great. I went on to 9 years in the Military and saw service in Germany Hong Kong and Singapore. I only remember two kids there. (...Read full memory)

I remember Bicester, my late sister Maureen used to work in Marys cafe,in 1970, I used to work in Preeces drapery I think it was called. we used to live on the RAF camp at Bicester, I remember many a happy hour hanging around the music store. Just reading this has brought back fond memories, My dad was a cpl in the RAF, I worked in the officers mess for a time,then we moved down south,