Billericay, Chantry Café c.1955

Memories of Billericay, Chantry Café c1955

I remember this old cafe very well - not too well lit inside, but friendly atmosphere - my Mum, her friend Joan Slaney and son Michael (who was the same age as me) used to have tea and cakes etc. in the cafe on some occasions after our Mum's had picked us up from school.  The last time I went to Billericay (many years ago now) this cafe had become an Indian Restaurant.

I used to work for Lord Rayleighs Dairies and my area of delivery was Billericay I used to deliver milk to the Chantry Cafe and most of the Town then out to Norsey Road and surrounding areas, happy days long gone.

I had a weekend job at the Chantry with my friend Pat Barker. I visited Billericay many years ago and the cafe had long since gone. I also have fond memories of my secondary school - Norsey House (blue) Stockwell (green) Chantry (Red) and my memory escapes me regarding Yellow House. I believe the (...Read full memory)

I was born in St Andrew's Hospital which was once a workhouse, I wasn't sure of the year it became St Andrew's Hospital. I was born there in May 1967 and my sister was born July 1968. I am not sure of year the hospital became Billericay Burns Unit before it moved to Broomfield, Chelmsford, where it is to the present day.

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