Old Maps of Billingshurst

Historic Maps of Billingshurst and the local area.

We used to go into a sweet shop in the High Street and buy Wagon Wheels. I am sure they were bigger then than they are now! One of the children whose parents owned the sweet shop had a snake! We were fascinated. Snakes as pets were quite rare in those days. Diana Dors used to live in Billingshurst, and we often used to see (...Read full memory)

My mother used to walk us home this way, after I finished school. I got off the bus by the station. I used to go to the Immaculate Heart of Mary School somewhere near Billingshurst. I remember walking past the graveyard, and always feeling scared. There was a stile at the bottom of the hill, Mum had to climb over, but my (...Read full memory)