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Memories of Blackburn, the Market c1960

I was born in 1935 and raised in Blackburn, attending the Grammar School until my widowed mother could not afford to keep me there. I left school in February 1952 and got a job as a Junior Clerk in the Markets Department of the corporation, which was then run by James Peel with other office members Fred Morris, John Smith, Cyril Bateson, Harry Ormerod and Vincent Clark. I was there till I did ...see more

Memories of shopping with my parents, Jack and Ellen, when I was 9 years old is always a pleasant thought, although it was not all pleasant, when it was raining the water off the canvas covers would drip down your neck, and if it was windy it would blow the canvas up and you got more than you had bargained for (ah, the good old days. It was not all doom and gloom though, there was always the Easter fair, although ...see more

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