Old Maps of Blackhall Colliery

Historic Maps of Blackhall Colliery and the local area.

I was born at number 10 5th Street, July 11th 1955 at my Nanna and Grandads house, Alice and George Foggin, they were the best Grandparents anyone could wish to have. My mum and dad were Jean and Denis Ryder and just like my grandparents, Mum and Dad were the best. They were married on Boxing Day in the Chuch (...Read full memory)

I see an advertisement for "Chimneys Hotel" in Blackhall advertising as having been built in 1925 and formerly named the "Trust". I lived in the Trust as a boy but in Horden and believe the hotel in Blackhall (Chimneys) was in fact the "Hardwick". Can anyone tell me if I am right or wrong please?