Blackpool, From The Air 1952

Memories of Blackpool

My parents spent annual holidays at Taberners boarding House in Albert Road, Blackpool Central, when they were young children, and upon hearing of their eventual courtship and engagement many years later, the then owners vowed to postpone the sale of the boarding house until they were to marry and have their honeymoon (...Read full memory)

My brother Tommy Nevett,my sister Annette Smith and I Sheila Kirkman nee Nevett were all christened at this church many many moons ago.

In 1958 I was a pupil at Blackpool Grammar School on Raikes Parade. At lunchtime it wasn't unknown for some of us to leave the school premises and walk down to FW Woolworths store near to the Tower. Here, a virtual cornucopia of confectionary was to be found. Pick'n'Mix was my particular favourite. I spent my school dinner money (...Read full memory)

Shrove Tuesday Party, this party was held for the children of Prisoners of War, I think it was in the Winter Gardens, I am in the back row right hand side (see arrow), my father did not return, died in Ambon, Japanese POW

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