Old Maps of Blairgowrie

Historic Maps of Blairgowrie and the local area.

Old map of Blairgowrie in 1907-1908
Map of Blairgowrie in 1907-1908
Old map of Blairgowrie in 1907-1908

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Blairgowrie from other years.

Memories of Blairgowrie

Read and share your memories of Blairgowrie itself or of a particular photo of Blairgowrie.

I went to school at Guay Primary School - 1948. Teacher Miss Coombes. In my class were John Macdonald of Raer Lodge, my brother Iain Stanton of Ballintuim Farm, cousins Helen, Sheila, Muriel Findlay of Ballintuim Cottage. Picked spuds in a freezing October. Ferrcin hans sair back, big snows start in (...Read full memory)

As a boy i would wander through fields and in water, go fishing, make swings was happy with things: Would roam with the dog slip on Algae green log, smell rain on the grass polish Grans brass: Climb dykes, collect conkers leap Cargills, I was bonkers, make carties with prams watch Salmon jump Dams: I summer pick berries six (...Read full memory)