Bletchingley, Horse And Cart 1911

Memories of Bletchingley

I have never lived in Bletchingley, but my paternal grandfather, Alfred David Balcombe, was born and raised in the village. My great grandfather was a publican - at The Cottage of Content - but had died when my father was a young boy. My great aunt and uncle remained unmarried and continued to live in the (...Read full memory)

I was baptised at St Nicholas church, we were then living at the Homestead vicarage. After a short time living in Sussex we moved back and lived in 13 Salisbury Road. I went to the school riding on my bike. We played by the bay pond, and used to slide up and down at the sand pits. I love the walks by the church and (...Read full memory)

My maternal grandfather Ernest Cording was the private secretary to Mr Augustus Brandt, of Bletchingley Castle, before WWII at William Brandt's London offices and was asked to move from Upminster in Essex to live at Hill Cottage or The Dower House on Castle Hill in late 1939 when key employees were (...Read full memory)

I think my father worked at the Newsagents before he was married. The name of the person he worked for was Edwards; not sure if that was first name or Surname. I was born in Redhill Feb 13 1944.

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