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We are always looking at old photographs and quite often we come across fascinating stories, facts and scenes and we want to share these with you. This is why we created the Frith Blog - it could be a set of photographs connected with the current season, upcoming events or a theme. We hope you enjoy browsing what we've found and if you have any ideas of articles we could create in the future, please let us know.

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Our photographs were taken in black & white, but many were hand coloured in a Victorian style. Today the colour and spot-tinting work is done digitally but still involves a great deal of artistic skill. We bring you this special selection of favourite Frith photographs that have been brought to life with a splash of colour!

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A special new Frame option for our photographs that invites you to add a personal inscription to commemorate a day and event within your Print!

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We have huge, huge news! We’re in the final days of digitising the whole Frith archive. This vast project will result in an extraordinary national treasure becoming accessible to all, in its entirety.

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We've added a raft of new local history material previously only available in Frith book titles and which we hope you'll find fascinating. We have commissioned specialist local history authors to bring their knowledge and research to over 1,000 local history books. Some of the 10 million words of text assembled is now published to browse online.

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