Old Maps of Blundellsands

Historic Maps of Blundellsands and the local area.

I remember the coastguards cotteges at the bottom of Mariner's Road. They were on my way to school. When they were demolished, I was about seven years of age and my friends and i would play in the foundations which were there for some time. It wasn't until about 1970 that the bungalows that are there now were (...Read full memory)

Memories include, the erosion, sniggery woods, coronation park and the erratic glacier boulder, the boating lake. Fort Crosby, the bike shop at Brighton-le-sands. The swimming pool down on the shore, the big houses down merrilocks and Burbo Bank. The electric train, the BS (now gone I am told), the library (old one,not (...Read full memory)