Old Maps of Bocking

Historic Maps of Bocking and the local area.

My mother wrote her childhood memories about 10 years before she died in 1992. She was sent to Friars Children's Home for the sole purpose of working when she was 14 in about 1926. I think that her memories are an important part of the history of the building which was once a children's (...Read full memory)

Late 1949 early 1950 I stayed with my mother, Mrs Dorothy Violet Lee (nee Gobbitt) at The Convent, Bocking. Born 1943 I would have been aged 6-7yrs. My time there was to await the move into our new home at 140 Church Street, Bocking End. On reflection, am at a loss as to why we stayed at the Convent. We were Church of (...Read full memory)